Central Student Records and Archives


Key Functions

Student Records

  • Printing of academic records, proof of registration, credit certificate and degree/diploma completion letters

N.B. Academic Records maybe obtained at the General Enquiries Offices of SAA at the UKZN.


1.Academic Records:

Howard College and Medical School: StudentRecordsHoward@ukzn.ac.za; Tel: 031 260 2238/7757   

Westville:                                               StudentRecordsWestville@ukzn.ac.za; Tel: 031 260 2011/3417/7877

Edgewood:                                            StudentRecordsEdgewood@ukzn.ac.za; Tel: 031 260 2993                    

Pietermaritzburg:                                  Naidooa3@ukzn.ac.za or Pearsonp@ukzn.ac.za; Tel: 033 260 5022/5212

2. Confirmation of qualification and medium of instruction letter(OPTIONAL)

College of Health Sciences:                                      Mofokengn@ukzn.ac.za

College of Humanities:                                              Mofokengn@ukzn.ac.za        

College of Law & Management Studies:                  Naickerka@ukzn.ac.za

College of Agricultural, Eng. and Science:              Naickerka@ukzn.ac.za


  • Printing of certificates
  • Confirmation of qualification and medium of instruction letter(OPTIONAL)


College of Health Sciences:                                      Mofokengn@ukzn.ac.za

College of Humanities:                                               Mofokengn@ukzn.ac.za        

College of Law & Management Studies:                    Naickerka@ukzn.ac.za

College of Agricultural, Eng. and Science:                Naickerka@ukzn.ac.za


  • Verification of qualifications and academic records


  • Printing of syllabi

Filing & Archiving- Student files 
  • Filing & retrieval of student files

  • Graduation programmes and college handbook/rule books

Closure of deceased student files 
  • Update information and closure of files


1. For syllabi and replacement degree certificates:

  • College of Law and Management Studies:                      Studentrecords-lms@ukzn.ac.za
  • College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science:           Studentrecords-aes@ukzn.ac.za
  • College of Humanities:                                                    Studentrecords-hum@ukzn.ac.za
  • College of Health Sciences:                                            Studentrecords-hs@ukzn.ac.za

2. Forms

Academic Records Application Form

Application for Confirmation Of Qualification Letter

Application for Replacement of Degree Certificate

Archived Academic Records-Credit Certificates

Syllabi Application Form

Application for Replacement of Dean's Merit & Commendation Certificate

Admin Officer: Mrs Nonhlanhla Mofokeng

Tel: 031 260 7067

Email: Mofokengn@ukzn.ac.za 

College of Humanities: Studentrecords-hum@ukzn.ac.za

College of Health Sciences: Studentrecords-hs@ukzn.ac.za


Admin Officer: Miss Kalaivani (Selvum) Naicker

Tel: 031 260 7648

Email: Naickerka@ukzn.ac.za 

College Agriculture, Engineering and Science: Studentrecords-aes@ukzn.ac.za

College of Law and Management Studies: Studentrecords-lms@ukzn.ac.za

Head: Mr Olehile (TOZ) Moeng  

Tel: 031 260 7874

Email: Moengt@ukzn.ac.za

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