Qualification Verification

The former Universities of Durban-Westville and Natal merged to form the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2004. 

Kindly note that as of 21/01/2013, the verification of UKZN qualifications (including the former universities) is done through MIE or SAQA

Employers or prospective employers who would like to verify qualifications obtained at this University are advised to contact the service providers at the following email addresses:
  • MIE email address: philb@mie.co.za  TEL 012- 6444000

South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) email address: verifications@saqa.co.za (Government Departments may verify with SAQA).

For any enquiries please email the following email address:
  • Mofokengn@ukzn.ac.za 
  • naickerka@ukzn.ac.za
  • moengt@ukzn.ac.za

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